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SaloneSatellite 2018

At Salone Satellite 2018 we presented the Missing collection.

The objects presented each have their own character, story and inspiration, but together they have a common note, a subtle tone that almost provokes certain feelings in the viewer. Wistful feelings that one has when trying to invoke memories of past times, feelings associated with reminiscence and absence from home.
Trying to recollect a familiar and loved object often leaves one just with vague silhouettes or blurry shapes connected to certain emotions and thoughts.
Following this idea, Regular Company tried to create objects that would resemble those silhouettes and shapes that are left behind, objects that would feel distant and familiar at the same time.

Meridian lamp - designed by Regular Company

Meridian lamp
The Meridian lamp is a decomposition of the archetypal table lamp. Its form is simple, geometric, yet complex and intriguing. Its character comes from a mechanism that allows the lamp to slide through its base, and the light to travel on a predetermined path, creating different sculptural compositions.


Level side table
The idea behind the design of the Level side table was to take something that is in its essence raw, technical and cold, and transform it into something elegant and charming. A simple detail, a lifting mechanism that is exposed instead of being hidden or masked gives the table its character and unique silhouette, turning the archetypal side table into a playful and elaborate object.

Level Side Table - designed by Regular Company__photo Gasparovic _ Dugandzic - 1.jpg
1.0 Mirror - designed by Regular Company__photo Gasparovic _ Dugandzic - 4.jpg

1.0 Mirror

The 1.0 mirror is an object that is in its essence minimal, elegant and simple. On the other hand, depending on the person looking at it, it can be perceived as playful, graphic and lifelike.
The contrast between the round body of the mirror and the thin and light stand is further amplified by the materials used - wood for the frame and metal for the geometric stand. The form of the mirror is a composition of these contrasting shapes and materials, standing in perfect balance.

Missing chair - designed by Regular Company__visuals Jan Ruzic - 2_horizontal.jpg

Missing chair

The Missing chair is the result of an attempt to create a chair that is stripped down to the bare minimum. A chair that has no unnecessary elements that stand out, a chair whos character and distinctive appearance come solely from subtle details and curves of its 3 basic elements - the legs, the seat and the backrest.
It looks almost like a sketch, as if the seat and backrest were just framed by 4 clean lines that are drawn and frozen in space.
The subtle spatial curves and the position of the seat and backrest also make the chair stackable, which in combination with its lightness make it functional and suitable for the contract market.

Ruđer Novak-Mikulić